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Here Comes the Sun

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2009 by js317

Spring is coming! And with spring comes spring clothing. My favorite thing about spring is that now there is no more layers, no more bundling up, and no more cold days. All there is is sunny,or  sometimes rainy, days. Therefore, we get to wear short shorts and sundresses; sundresses being my personal favorite. Here are some great ones at inexpensive prices:



Before and After

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Living in New York exposed me to so much growing up. I knew I needed to go to an Ivy League College at the age of five. I had an SAT tutor starting in seventh grade. I lived on Fifth Avenue until I graduated from my private all-girl school in the city. I have a summer  house in the Hamptons and a ski house in Aspen. I had to maintain my A average while still spending time with my friends and various boyfriends. It was stressfull to stay the least.

Living in New York is completely the same still in my twenties. I have to balance work and parties. I go out to my family’s houses on the weekends. Now I live downtown so the crowd I hang out with is a bit different but I never just limited myself to the Uptown. Now the only times I go uptown is to see my family or friends or go shopping on Madison. Alot of the time for magazines, I have to go down Madison to shops like Oscar de la Renta, Chloé, or Valentino. It does vary from time to time from gowns to sweats, which of course I would not be finding at Dior. Basically, the clients give me a look like “April Showers Bring May Flowers” and a budget and then I would look for floral sundresses or cute rainboots for a few days before the shoot. On the other hand if someone like Dior was to hire me, then I wouldn’t go shopping before and instead when I get there I would match outfits together for different shoots. That’s all for now. 

 – xoxo jess