My schedule from day to day changes. No matter what career I’ve persued, I have always looked for three things first. It must be in New York, be creative, and have a flexible schedule. I would hate going in to work day after day doing the same 9 to 5 everyday. Before with journalism, I was a columnist so I basically made my own schedule which ended up being party all week and then, pull a article out of my ass Monday night before it was due on Tuesday at noon. Now with styling I get called a few days before the shoot, giving me just enough time to go shopping for the clients or pick up some dry-cleaning they got done. Loads of people ask me how I can work on a schedule I don’t even know until just a day or two before and honestly, I love it. I love last minute changes and the adrenaline you get when you are rushed. It all makes my life a bit more interesting. Plus, I absolutely love my job, which makes every thing a bit easier. 

Please tell me what you want me to write about whether that’s fashion, which designer’s shows I’ve seen this week, more about my job, more about my life growing up in New York, more about my life in New York now, or more about my relationships.

I have Cary Grant waiting for me in my dvd player, so I will write more later. xoxo – jess ❤


3 Responses to “Career”

  1. I would love to hear about your life in New York now! Although your job sounds thrilling as well 🙂

  2. You were a columnist that is so cool!!! How Carry Bradshaw of you. How do you even find a job like that? And you’re job now sounds cool as well you are awesome!!!

  3. haha thanks! I’ll write some more about New York and my carreers soon.

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